About Cindy

Hi, I’m Cindy Buccieri and I help consultants, bloggers, business owners and entrepreneurs discover their passion and

Blogging Expert Cindy Buccierishare it online.  As a virtual internet consultant and author of “Blogging the Right Way: Learn How to Launch a Blog and Start Making Money“, I know first hand what it takes to get an online business and running and start generating a cash flow.

This is my passion.  I love the opportunities an internet business creates.  Not only can you make money online through affiliate marketing and selling your own products but it also opens the door to opportunities such as book publishing and consulting.

Who am I?  I’m a virtual business woman and a pro blogger.  I enjoy blogging so much that I have three other blogs beside this one.  These include Busy Mom’s Tips, The Work at Home Helper and my newest blog, Heart and Soul Ezine.

Because I want to Blogging the Right Way by  Cindy Buccierishare my passion for owning an internet business with others, I provide webinars, training and Weekly Blogging Tips .  I also have a complete blogging training program at Learn How to Blog Today.  For those who want to dive in a little deeper into the internet business world, I also provide training programs and individualized consulting.

So if you want to learn how to get started making money online or take your business to the next level, then you are in the right place. Remember, you hold the key to your success.


My Background

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science and have worked for Fortune 500 companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Northrop Grumman.  I also freelanced as a web designer, blogger and internet marketer for several years including working as a subcontractor for Google.  In 2009, I launched Busy Mom’s Tips, a blog which provides helpful tips for today’s busy moms.  Three additional blogs launched shortly thereafter.  The creation and marketing of these blogs provided me with first-hand experience into what is takes to increase traffic to a blog, develop a following and make money from it.

I’m the owner of CB Virtual Services which helps business consultants, entrepreneurs and start up companies with setting up and maintaining all aspects of their online business. This includes the creation and management of email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, blog post creation and marketing, and the creation of online products to help propel them increase their cash flow.

I am also the author of several eBooks including, “Busy Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Work at Home Job” and “How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog” and have several articles published on  Associated Content, Hubpages and eHow.  And I recently became a contributing writer at Social Solutions Collective.

While I have experience in many areas of business including the Internet and Web development, my passion is in helping other online business professionals achieve the results they want online.  Additionally, I love being able to share with others my knowledge on this vast subject through my book and programs.